Currently anchored to my home location due to a small failure on my part to plan anything concrete before the annual leave cut off on April 1st, I am left without much opportunity for travel this side of the 2016/17 tax year. Whilst that’s a shame, there’s nothing like a pre planned jaunt to make the cold months in England seem that bit more bearable.

A few months back, a friend and ex-colleague mentioned he was intending to make use of a quirk in the April/May bank holiday dates this year (for 9 days leave, you get 18 solid days of work-free bliss) and travel to Vietnam. Having been on my destination list for some time, I decided with little more than a second’s thought to offer my services as travel companion.


Flights booked, I will be flying solo to Bangkok on the 12th April and returning 1st May.

Travelling via Thailand has; A) saved me a couple of hundred pounds and a lengthy layover and B) unwittingly lets me enjoy Songkran for the second time ever. I’ll admit I’m a little dubious about flying into BKK during Thai new year, but how bad can it be?!

From Bangkok I’ll fly to Hanoi, meet up with my mate, and travel slowly to Ho Chi Minh from where I will begin my return. The rest is a mystery. Just the way I like it.

Between now and then, I have planned a weekend getaway to Amsterdam – somewhere I’ve always wanted to go, just not on a stag do/lads holiday. And as well as this, some other trips in the UK.


Looking forward to sharing the adventures!

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