Layover time is usually pretty high up on my list of priorities when booking flights. I’d normally hesitate at the thought of any stay longer than three hours in one spot, however on this occasion I am a little stuck.

In order to save some cash for, well, beer, I picked the cheapest option to get to Hanoi. At the time this involved a flight to Bangkok (Via Muscat on Oman Air), and then from there  a scheduled flight to Vietnam’s capital with Vietjet. Unfortunately VietJet only run this flight at 2pm every day, and I arrived early this morning at 6am.

And that is quite some wait.

While waiting for my customary cup of coffee on arrival (once through Suvarnabhumi’s passport control) it did cross my mind to jump on an express train to town and brave the city for a few hours. That was until I remembered that today is the first day of Songkran, and I don’t particularly want to continue my journey soaked to the bone.

So here I am. 2 hours in. So far I’ve been asked to move by police investigating a suspect handbag but otherwise nothing of note has happened, so I’ve taken to people watching.

One question that keeps popping up here (and this is particularly prevalent in Thailand for obvious reasons), is whether or not harem pants even count if you’ve bothered to wash your feet in the last week. Some examples have been pretty horrendous.

My apologies if you’ve got this far only to realise there is nothing much of substance in this post, but I am bored!


The view…


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