One Last Roundup – The Philippines 2016!

I imagine actually reading through my travelog will be interesting to all of two people (at a push), but because I somehow managed to fit so much in, I thought a final roundup condensing it all into one post might be useful. Also, the itinerary worked really well for me, including enough activity to keep … Continue reading One Last Roundup – The Philippines 2016!

Day 14 – Manila

First things first; excuse the negative tone to this post. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, and this trip has most certainly fulfilled the requirements of a "good thing". Furthermore, I am writing this retrospectively, and I've still got the post-travel blues. So anyway, my final day in Boracay ended around 10am, … Continue reading Day 14 – Manila

Day 6/7 – Oslob – Moal Boal

Being in no fit state last night to continue Day 6, this is how it went down; Explaining to the bus driver that we were looking for a hostel that we thought was called "Sharkys", he unceremoniously dumped us at the side of a very nondescript road in pitch black darkness, and pointed to a side … Continue reading Day 6/7 – Oslob – Moal Boal

Day 2 – Manila to El Nido

Regrettably I have to report that today did not go to plan. I understand that out of adversity comes character, or strength, or some shit, but seriously the worst thing in the world that could have happened, happened (more on that horrendous exaggeration later..). So I woke up in my pants on the bottom bunk, … Continue reading Day 2 – Manila to El Nido

Day 1 – Manila

Having expertly condensed my life down to a 35l bag and wrapped up work as much as I could honestly be arsed to, I jumped on a train to Heathrow.  Of course that's overly simplified. It was a train and two tubes. Via an (almost) physical altercation with a gentleman devoid of spacial awareness. But … Continue reading Day 1 – Manila